First thing to remember is never over mix the batter. It should have a few lumps in it and not pour in a ribbon for if this is so you have over mixed the batter and the gluten in the flour will have been to well developed making the muffins tough and of an unsatisfactory quality.
A basic muffin mix is as follows;
Makes about 2 dozen 2 inch muffins
Pre heat oven to 400 and stir in
1 ½ cups of flour
¼ teaspoon of salt
¼ cup of sugar
2 teaspoons of double acting baking powder
Beat in a separate bowl
2 eggs, once mixed add
4 tablespoons of melted butter
¾ cup of milk
Combine the liquid and dry ingredients with only a few strokes by mixing it for only 20 seconds at most. In a well greased muffin pan fill each 2/3rds full and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.
You can add dried fruit to this mixture to give a more interesting texture, should you want to add fresh bananas, blue berries or cranberries or other soft fruits you must add 1/3 cup of sugar and ¼ cup of melted butter to the dry ingredients before adding the liquid. Add then 1 cup of lightly floured berries with 1 teaspoon of grated orange or lemon rind.

Bran muffins
Pre heat the oven to 350
Makes about Twenty two 2 inch muffins
Combine and stir well together
2 cups of flour
1 ½ cups of bran
2 tablespoons of sugar
¼ teaspoon salt
1 ¼ teaspoons of baking soda
2 tablespoons of grated orange rind
In a separate bowl beat well
2 cups of butter milk
1 beaten egg
½ cup molasses
4 tablespoons of melted butter
Combine the wet and dry ingredients with a few quick strokes and fold in before the dry ingredients are completely incorporated
1 cup of raisins chopped dates or chopped dried apricots, top each raw muffin with ¼ teaspoon of nut meat like crushed peanut, almond or walnut. Again only fill each 2/3rds full and bake for 25 minutes.
Muffins should be cooked in the middle rack of the oven and always in a well greased muffin pan. If you over fill the muffin pan make sure you place a cookie sheet under it to catch the overflow.


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