Whitney’s Grand Marnier Brownies – an adult dessert

Brownies are a good friend!

Gluten Free Gus


Four professional women had their first child within 4 weeks of each other.  We were connected by mutual friends who felt it might be (fun, helpful?) for us to share the dramatic life change. Understanding the need for support we formed a Play Group that met Mondays from 3-5.  If our and the world’s problems weren’t solved in two hours, pizza was ordered and husbands joined us for dinner. Those babies turned 26 this year.  They had brothers and sisters, went to different schools and camps, one even got married!  Happily, their friendships and ours endure.

Whitney brought Grand Marnier Brownies to one of our early gatherings.  Wow: the perfect tonic for a late Monday afternoon and  standard by which all other brownies are measured.  I love Lisa’s Triple Chocolate Brownies   http://glutenfreegus.com/2013/01/23/triple-chocolate-brownies/ , but our gluten free version of Whit’s Grand Marnier Brownies is, and I quote: “to die…

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