Chicken breast with Dungeness crab stuffing

Chicken breast with Dungeness crab stuffing.
This will take a bit of work. 4 hours complete prep time but all your time is not taken up with it.
1. Debone 4 chicken breasts, remove the tenders that come out easily and flatten with a mallet. Place under refrigeration.
2. In a 3 quart pot place 3 tablespoons of butter over medium heat. Small dice 1/2 medium onions with 1 stock of fine chopped celery into the butter.
3. Add 4 oz of Pernod to the mix and let the alcohol burn off.
4. Add two cups of heavy cream and reduce it down by half and cool to room temp. Retain ¼ cup for garnish when the dish is finished.
5. Place one cup of cleaned & shelled Dungeness crab meat into the sauce As well as 3 chopped green onions. Add ¼ cup of pine, pistachio or any other mild flavoured nuts to this and blend altogether. Place this under refrigeration for one hour to firm up.
6. Remove the chicken breast from the fridge and lay flat. Remove the crab stuffing and place with a 2 oz ladle the crab mixture in the middle of the breast. Use your fingers to elongate the stuffing leaving ½ inch at each end of the chicken breast with no stuffing. Roll the breast closed tucking in both end of the breast enclosing the stuffing and place to the side until all of the chicken breast are filled. Place again in the fridge for one hour to firm up
7. The breading is done with Panko bread crumbs. Flour and egg wash. First place each chicken breast into the flour completely covering it with flour.
8. In another bowl break three eggs and add one cup of milk, mix this well. Place the floured chicken into the egg milk mixture and cover all over. Remove and place into the bread crumbs and cover all over. Let stand in the fridge until ready to brown them off.
9. A deep fryer is best here but they still need to be finished in the oven. Covering them in veg oil and baking them completely is another way. Set the oven at 350 and place them in the middle of the oven for ½ hour. Turn them a few times to make them brown all over.
10. Remove them from the oven and place them on a cutting board. Use a serrated knife and slice each one on an angle 4 times to expose the stuffing.
11. Take the held back sauce from line 4 and reheat it to just below the boil. Place this on a bare plate where you are going to place the cooked chicken. Place the cooked chicken on top of the sauce and nappe a ribbon across the top. Now finish your plate with a starch (Rice, Potatoe or pasta) and veg (what ever you might have).

You can fill the chicken breast with any other stuffing such as a wild rice, grape and walnut stuffing or what ever else you can think of. All you have to remember is the amount you will need to fill it and how to apply the breading.
Chef Kevin H.Cahill


About teachkitchenskills

A chef and butcher with some 40 years of experience in both fields
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